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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Celebration and Farewell

7 years ago today; I gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy 7lb 15 oz., 10 fingers, 10 toes, baby boy named Luke Ian Gardner!! Since the minute I was able to feel him move inside me we nicked named him a monkey. He used to roll from one side of my tummy to the other and I christened the action "the armadillo roll!"

He's been a bundle of energy and constantly on the go! That is why; with all our children I am such an advocate now for Veganism.  We truly are what we eat and what we put into our mouths/bodies today will affect how long we live, how healthy we live, what dis-ease might occur in our bodies, the condition of our brains, heart, veins, muscles etc. Trevor and my plan are to live to 100 yrs or longer! I mean how you can you make your millions and drop dead right! You need to become a multi-millionaire and live long enough to enjoy it right! Pass it down to your family, help out friends, and make this planet a better place for all!

We are fortunate we have such great kids who understand from the information we have told them; that it is seriously very important to "Go Vegan"!  They are on board, they are learning as we do and they are replacing meals with vegan meals as much as we can without shoving the food down their throats! The only request they asked of us was to allow them to have their favorite "fast food" one last time. Since today was a very special day for Luke turning 7, we said sure and Luke picked McD's! Not my favorite place at all. I do make an exception for their Sweet Ice Tea! So good, but rots your teeth out!

So off to McD's we went for Luke's 7th birthday dinner. Luke ordered a happy meal with chicken nuggets, fries and apple juice. Britain ordered the same but with a small Sprite. Skylar our "meat eater" was very excited to say hello and goodbye to a Big Mac, fries and Dr. Pepper. Trevor was torn as he is dead serious about being Vegan as much as I am. After a few minutes of contemplating he decided to say "Goodbye" to his ultimate favorite Big Mac, large fry and large drink. I was adamant not to cave, not to want to say goodbye since I mentally gave up McD’s for ages now, only to stop for sweet tea. I ordered an Asian Salad with no chicken.  I then caved a little and ordered a $1.00 hamburger!

We all sat, said Happy 7th Birthday to Luke and tucked in. I have to say my "goodbye" burger tasted so yummy. As I chew I knew how bad our stomachs are going to suffer for the next several days!! I think it's not the smartest of ideas but if you plan on "Going Vegan" for the rest of your life, I think it wasn't a bad thing to do!

We did start the morning off right for Luke's birthday breakfast and we served Morning Star veggie sausages and apple slices with apple juice for the kids. Luke had 2 candles in his; one to blow out and one to make a wish. There was no way we could fit 7 candles and 1 extra for a wish. We tried this last year with waffles for Luke and we burnt the plate from the candle flame!

Video and pictures are attached. Hope you enjoy our special moment for our beautiful boy Luke!!

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