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Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting the hang of things!

Trevor and I feel we are getting into a good rhythm with our vegan food purchases. We are constantly thinking of new ways to change up recipes "vegan style" that we used to create before. We are enjoying the new vegan recipes we've found or been introduced to. It's still a learning curve but so far so good!

Today I felt in my own element in Trader Joe's;  buying some Tempeh,  Trader Joe's Tofurky (which is delicious and tastes like hickory smoked). Sausage-less sausages, Beef-less beef (which we use for our Tacos).  This is so delicious!! 

My ultimate favorite snack...dried seaweed snacks!

Got 5 packets of them!!

I'm feeling great, Trevor is feeling great and the kids are coming around to tasting more and more vegan recipes!!

Where do you shop for your vegan goodies? Any favorites that must be added weekly to your pantry, fridge or freezer?

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