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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Biking for Mushrooms!

Can you envision it! Family of 5 riding bikes for a nice Saturday afternoon! The sun is out, the wind is in your hair, everyone is smiling, laughing, and really enjoying the moment and memories being made!  What BS!  This is my “Hallmark Fantasy” and I’ve envisioned many different type of scenario’s for the past 12 yrs of raising kids!! This never ever happens; you would think I would grow up and realize that after all this time, my fantasies of happy making memory moments do not ever go to plan. That’s ok too; they typically turn out to be just fine and enjoyable. But when you specifically make plans to do an activity like biking; you think this is simple enough to make it happen!
Well I told Trevor I wanted to do something every Saturday/Sunday morning with the kids nice and early so we can have our time with them early and then have more time for what we want to do for the rest of the day!
We got up at 8:30 am and I said to Trevor “let’s go bike riding with the kids around the neighborhood first and work up an appetite for our traditionally Saturday Brunch”. He said “we need mushrooms to make our Saturday brunch”. I said “well lets then combine the two; let’s go for a bike ride to Food Lion and buy mushrooms, bike back and then cook brunch.” Well Trevor winced at this as he knows this is a recipe for disaster. He winced because he can foresee complaining kids! The complaints will be “I’m hot, my legs are killing me, I don’t want to ride anymore, can you ride for me (this one always kills me as we are all riding bikes and are you serious?). Or my absolute favorite “R we there yet!” 
So with my “Hallmark Fantasy” glowing in my head, off Sky, Britain, Trevor and I pedaled to Food Lion figuring 30 mins each way. Luke was not interested and stayed playing outside with our neighbors. As we pedaled we saw our dear friends/neighbors who we haven’t seen in forever and stopped to chat/catch up.  Proceeded to bike again and hit an unforeseen in my “Hallmark Fantasy” a billion and one hills on the way to Food Lion!  I mean come on! How many friggin hills can one subdivision have! Is this San Francisco!
After a grueling 40 min bike ride up hills, hyperventilating, complaints coming at a dozen from the kids (thankfully Luke wasn't there to add his own or stop riding all together!) Sweating pouring down our fronts and backs, red faces and the worst part! Our asses were about to be torn in two from the bike seats! We finally made it to Food Lion to buy our mushrooms!! The next dilemma was now we had to ride home!  Needless to say we made it home safe and sound about an hour and 45 mins later!! Made our Saturday Brunch. Kids were so exhausted they ate in the play room with movie and Trevor and I ended up having a quiet brunch on the back deck!  Pictures are attached! 
And how was your Saturday! ;0)

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