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Monday, August 8, 2011

Lake of sleep = Stir Fry with Beef-less beef by Trader Joe's

Isn't it the most fun to wake up at 2:30 am from your own body creating the most amazing hot flashes and then followed by cold!! Or how about hearing your wonderful hubby who you adore but cannot stand the noise from  his mouth/nose!! His constant snoring; you think if I've heard it for 16 yrs I'd be more used to it!! But no, the most annoying noise ever that wakes me up every time! Or is it better to hear the snoring, feel the hot and then cold flashes and then your brain is awake and starts to think of a million and 10 things that needs to be done, wants to be done etc.

I certainly do not have a particular favorite but that was me 2:30 am this morning!!! I proceeded to lay there waiting for any hint of sleep that might return!! After 10 mins or so I gave up all hope and decided to hit the office and start working.  Out of this bad nights sleep it's the only positive thing I can think to do this early in the morning.

Fast forward 16 hours later of several errands that consisted of  visiting our car dealerships to fix car/change oil, make office calls, send emails, pay bills, review real estate information and on and on. Then car pool, interview for a part time job, pick up the other 2 (Britain and Luke) from neighbor to do homework and make snacks. All of this needing to be done and I am about to fall asleep standing!! I am so exhausted so very exhausted that I just cannot do one more thing!

The best part to being married to Trevor is Trevor! He's such a wonderful, caring person and always wants to make me and the kids happy! When I called him earlier today I asked what I should fix for dinner tonight. We came up with "let's make a stir fry and use the Beef-less beef by Trader Joe's".

The best part of this conversation was he finished the sentence with "I'll cook once I get home!".  All I had to do was do the prep work and then the couch and I had a meeting of relaxation.  

What a great way to finish this day with a delicious home cooked meal and it only takes minutes to do. We all enjoyed it!!

Just incase you are wondering, the stir fry got darker in color with the soy sauce.

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