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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time Management; not always easy!

What a great feeling it is to actually use your time wisely! Got a good amount accomplished at the office and picked up Skylar from school right on time.  Met the bus just as the kids got off!! Planned snack and dinner to the T. Then you have a lax in judgement. Just when you feel all is ready to be dished out for dinner, the kids beg you to go outside to play for a bit longer! 

Well I made homemade gorgeous black eyed peas burritos for us all. The kids would have none seasoned as they are finicky with spices/herbs and we’d have it as the recipe instructed.

So yummy, so gorgeous.  Of course in my head all is enjoying this meal I creatively timed and planned the day before. Now all I am receiving is “this is yucky!” from Luke!! God bless the girls they could see I was getting frustrated and just tried it!  Kudos for me; they liked it!! Of course I decided to wait till “Daddy” got home so we all could eat as a family. Big mistake.  It was one of those days that even though you plan a healthy meal, plan the snacks and homework, plan it all to a T; all hell can break lose anyway and no one is happy. Especially "Daddy!" Who came home in a bad mood and ruined the flow of energy I was working with till that very moment! What a day!!

Any days start and end like this for you? Any meal plans you thought all would enjoy to be told they don’t! What are your "just getting started/learning" Vegan meal planning frustrations like mine?

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