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Monday, November 28, 2011

Afternoon Yummy Snacks

It's getting colder outside, the kids are pumped up over the Christmas Holidays fast approaching and it seems the Christmas music is on a constant play mode here in the Gardner's house!! We are craving more warm yummy snacks as we get home from work and the kids from school.

I am now currently reading Cooking Vegan by the Dummies series! It's awesome, great easy read with wonderful selection of recipes and awesome pictures of some of the recipes!

Recently the kids are asking for more homemade popcorn and I've written about this many time and given the full steps to making it in my Twighlight post from Thursday, November 17th when Sky and I went to the premier of Breaking Dawn part 1.

A new found favorite that we never really cooked up for the kids are homemade cornchips with cheese. We never wanted them to eat too much cheese before for obvious reasons. But now that we are getting really good at being Vegan and we have found a cheese after several tries that we actually love is a bonus!! So eating corn in the form of a chip and cheese from rice is amazing!!

The brand we absolutely love is Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Rice Shreds/cheddar flavor!! I mean beyond yummy!! Trevor surprised me last week with this gorgeous cheese on an old time favorite Chicken Cheesy Nachos. Now it's just Vegan Cheesy Nachos!! So gorgeous!! Will be providing that recipe this week. Also we are huge lovers of Smithfields Brunswick Stew!! Cannot eat it anymore due to the pork in it. Well Trevor found a great recipes that adds palm in it and it's like having shredded pork again in a all veggie stew Vegan Style!!

That recipe will be posted this week as well with photos!

So much has been cooking and tasted this whole time I've not been able to catch up with our blog but I have a huge amount to share and show!!

Look out for my updated posts this week as I have some down time of multi tasking Career, Job, Kids, hubby and house etc. Life as we call it!

Any favorite snacks you all would like to share, please feel free to pass it along!


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