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Monday, November 7, 2011

Finally feel like a Vegan Family!

Tonight was really nice; for a family of 5 running around with all of our heads cut off it was nice to finally be on time with dinner! Trevor was on his way home, the kids were outside enjoying the fresh air and playing. Something I only get to do one hour a day jogging with Trevor in the pitch dark at 5 am in the morning! I tell you in the New Year one of my New Year resolution is to find another outdoor activity that doesn't consist of picking up the kids’ stuff or mowing etc. Just a fun outside activity for me. What that is I am not sure yet, but I need another outlet that will allow me more outdoor time!

So as I was saying, I was putting together our dinner "Vegan Style" and I finally felt like I was in control of the meal. Like I was not floundering around with left overs, trying to figure out what we were going to eat and feeling very guilty as I normally do not knowing if we are eating a full balanced Vegan Meal. Well tonight I think I covered a lot of balance for us. While I was getting the last minute details to our meal, I had the kids set the table. Sky had the placemats. Britain had the cutlery and glasses. Luke had the coasters and napkins. We use cloth napkins as we have done away with paper napkins for over 3 yrs now. We try to be a very "Green" family. I also asked Luke to help a little more as he's not a baby anymore being 7 and should do more in the house then destroy and become Tasmanian devil! I swear!! So I asked him to vacuum and he was ok with that. No back talk at all! Almost fell over! For dinner tonight I thought I'd pull out the new favorite Vegan dish and it's Kebab’s with salad and other veg. This meal consists of Morning Star Veggie Sausages that taste like real sausage and we heat them up in a pan, slice them up into 4's and add them to pita bread or a wrap or on top of a salad. I slice up tomatoes, cuc's and lettuce. Trevor likes to add lemon juice and I typically would add the Good Season's Italian dressing. This time since we were only down to one bag of veggie sausages I decided last minute to check the freezer and pulled out a non-chicken cutlet filled with onion, corn, black beans and spices!! Yummy!! Has a little kick just so you know!! I also cooked Basmati Rice which is really yummy and Britain surprised me by asking if she could cook Brussels sprouts! I was so in shock at this request. To get any other green veg down my kid’s throats besides green beans and lettuce is a miracle! "Sure", I said! So I let Britain get on with cutting off the ends to the Brussels sprouts and slicing an X at each end of the sprout and she then added them to the pot of boiling water. I also added my Trader Joe's chicken-less chicken cutlet which only needed 5 minutes in the pot to heat up in the boil bag that came with it. We all had salad, rice, Brussels sprouts and the rest of them had veggie sausages to my chicken-less chicken cutlet! Luke of course was not the one of us who ate most. He refused the sprout, munched down on the rice and cuc's and practically was beyond giddy over the sausages that he refused to eat with a fork but was shoveling it down his throat with his hands! Pig!
I told him to use his manners and he just looked at me as if he'd roll his eyes! Sometimes I tell you; kids try your patience! We talked about our day, we laughed, we argued, we then tried to eat the last of anything that was left on the dishes! That's how hungry and eager to eat our dinner we were! We even had time to get Trevor's old collection of Little Miss and Mr. Men books out that were created and produced in England. Luke read to us Little Miss Tidy and did a great job!! We are working on his fluency as he's falling behind in ready this quarter! And with all this great dinner and clean up (our dishwasher died 3 weeks ago and everything is now by hand for an additional hour after dinner!) we still managed to get them in bed on time! Trevor and I are in bed now, he's reading "The Success Principals by Jack Canfield" and I fancied letting you all know what a great night we had with all the crazy thrown in there too! I am still reading and digesting "Idiot's guide to raising Vegan Eating kids". I will be on "Living as Vegan's for Dummies" or I might read “Cooking for Vegan's for Dummies". I think that would probably be the best book to read next.

So anyone of you out there finally hit a good place with becoming Vegan's with all the crazy of just running your lives and trying to manage your time or activities in the process! Let us know!

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