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Friday, November 4, 2011

Answering a Crepe Question Part 2 (Trace Ellen please read)

Just yesterday Thursday, November 3rd around 4 pm I visited Simply Crepe's off of Falls Of Neuse Rd in Raleigh, NC to interview with the Owner Pierre! I loved my experience so much when I took my favorite client and new dearest friend Nina to lunch there, I thought it would be a fun place to work extra hours to help provide a regular flow of income while I build my career by referrals in Real Estate.

Nina thought Simply Crepe's would be a lovely place to eat and thought it would cater to Vegan's! It was pretty close and as a wonderful gesture she paid for my lunch as well! Had such a lovely time with her there! Well it does for Lactose free and veggies (vegetarians) but it's not there quite yet for Vegan's. Still enjoyed it immensely!! I did find out I was wrong about the Buckwheat Crepe mix. There are eggs but there isn't any milk.

Well I am sure you are all wondering why I decided to interview there besides have a great lunch! I love the ambience, I love the decor and the staff was very friendly. The lunch was brilliant and I got such good energy there! The high frequency of positive vibes just vibrated in this restaurant! I had my hour interview yesterday and I had a great time. Learned a ton as to how Simply Crepe's came about. How its family run. How everything in the decor is 2nd hand, yard sale, or restores items from Habitat for Humanity. Even their straws are green and immediately biodegrade once they hit a landfill! Simply Crepes are "VERY GREEN CONCSIOUS" and this made me love them even more as I am huge "VERY GREEN SUPPORTER AS WELL AS MY FAMILY"!! After an hour interview I got the job! I am a waitress for up to 30 hours per week and 30 plus hours a week in Real Estate. Not to mention the full time job of not losing my mind and enjoying my children as a full time Mom who's hit a stage of breaking out of the "stay at home mold" and trying to swing into a new career change and now 2nd job to help facilitate the first job. My gorgeous hubby Trevor is beat and has been pulling his weight and then some for 11 1/2 yrs and I want to return the favor and swap places as a matter of fact. These new steps will allow both of us to do this! Another cool note, Pierre liked the idea that I was a Vegan and confessed he's been trying to break into serving vegan food to his customer's but has been very afraid. I asked why and he said "truly my being afraid is just ignorance as to not knowing how to prepare Vegan friendly food". I told him "get in line as I am there and only been a "vegan in training" since July 1st. So he suggested I help him with his menu to add more Vegan dishes! How cool is that. Not only will I work in a very cool, hip and green restaurant, I'll also be of help to add some knowledge to the Vegan Menu items Pierre would love to add! I am very excited! If I have some local Raleigh folks who are in the mood for a fun, hip place to eat and receive great service, please check out Simply Crepe's off of Falls of Neuse Rd.

I'll also update the our pantry and weekly menu with new dishes created at Simply Crepe's that I can tweak and make Vegan for home! Cannot wait to share to you all my new knowledge of Vegan foods restaurant style and maybe in the form of a crepe or two!

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