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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Long time no talk!

Hey Everyone! I would like to say a huge "I am sorry for not being on top of my blog as I normally am!" With the holiday's fast approaching it seems life has been put on fast forward!!

My Real Esate business is going great and I have my first deal being processed!! I have another buyer client who is ready to place an offer at the end of December! I am working with a Rental and I have several deals beginning to develop come the New Year!! Trevor is doing great at his work and has exciting plans on starting another business! The kids are doing great! They are becoming more acceptable to our new recipes I am trying out!! I am still currently reading "Complete Idiots guide to Vegan Eating kids!" really great! I would recommend it! It starts off with stating it would be a great idea to have a "introduction meeting" for the entire family and really discuss what is the best way to introduce and handle becoming a Vegan eating family. Make a Mission Statement and BPO's stand for Best Possible Option and this is a great idea as sometimes that's all you can choose to eat or drink in certain circumstances. There are several recipes at the back of the book and I plan on trying them out myself and then taking photos and letting you all know what worked well for us and what the kids actually liked them!

I have been experimenting with The Kind Diet recipes by Alicia Silverstone. Over the weekend I made a gorgeous Winter Butternut Squash soup!! So delicious! We also had an amazing Halloween Party and served a good amount of Halloween Vegan food! I plan on adding photos and recipes and telling you all about our wonderful Halloween night!

There is so much I need to inform you all but have been too busy to keep up. So please bare with me. I have just updated my "birthday blog from Sept. 16th" and my blog about serving vegan food to wonderful dinner guests. Please check them out!

Please look out for many more blogs to come over this weekend! I love all comments and questions!! Keep them coming!!!

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