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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Homemade Popcorn and the premier of TWILIGHT SAGA - BREAKING DAWN PART 1!!

Don't know about you all but my family are crazy about vampires!! Between our first and ultimate favorite TWILIGHT SAGA!!! 2nd. Favorite is Vampire Diaries!! 3rd favorite for my husband Trevor and I is TRUBLOOD!!

(This photo was taken by my Iphone and as you can see there are a ton of people behind us in the theater waiting patiently as well. Sky was making a crazy face with a mouth full of popcorn. She then added these crazy characters on my phone and I had no idea. I am laughing as I am typing this. She is so funny. I have no idea how to add these types of characters to photos. Very FUNNY!! Movie was beyond amazing and I literally saw it 3 times in 1 week. That's how obsessed I am and a huge fan. Saw it the following Monday with girlfriends and then Tuesday afternoon with Britain.)

Sky, Britain and I have been waiting for over a year to see this film!! We are beyond excited!

We are hitting the Premier tonight at 10 pm to wait in the Theater lobby before the actual start time of 12:01 am

(11/18/2011)!! We are making a huge amount of homemade popcorn! I love my popcorn!! It's old fashion style!!

All you need is: 1 BIG pot (one you'd cook a big order of spaghetti and meat balls in)coated with veggie oil. Add a good coating of popcorn seeds to cover the bottom of the pot and cook over high heat! Or if you don't tend on shaking it back and forth over the flame-Medium heat. Make sure you take the lid off after the popcorn has popped quite a bit and is about to hit the cover. We take off the lid because I make sure to overfill the bottom of the pot with popcorn seeds because its fun! As your popcorn pops over the pot, turn the heat down and listen to the last popcorn seed to pop! I then dump the popcorn into a brown paper bag and add a good amount of Sea Salt. Shake it all up and serve!! This is my and our kids very favorite snack for home and at school! I actually have the neighborhood kids ask for my popcorn all the time as well as our friends and family who hang out and attend our parties! It's a huge hit! I also love the fact that we do not use the microwave anymore and we do not throw microwave bags away and add to landfills! As GREEN as possible in our house!!

So tonight we are going to smuggle our popcorn in to the theater and buy the big size sodas!! To enjoy our beyond favorite movie of all time - TWILIGHT SAGA - Breaking Dawn Part 1!!!

Let me know if you are huge VAMPIRE fan's and if you tried making popcorn old fashion style and what you thought of it!! I promise your taste buds will love you for it!!

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