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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update's on my Monthly Cycle since going Vegan July 1, 2011. For Girls Eye's Only unless you really want to know ;)

Well Ladies,

It's been 5 months and 20 days since we've started this journey as Vegan's.

I can honestly say "Aunt Flow" or "My Period" just appears and I have no idea its coming accept for the fact the date or 30 days later from the last time is on the calander and I should be aware of it. I no longer crave sugar like mad! I no longer, munch on everything and anything just because! I no longer have cramps that would kill me and make me sit down for hours to just go through the motions. I used to get cramps down there that would feel like BLOODY CONTRACTIONS! I mean the word OUCH, doesn't cover it!! I'd literally have to start breathing as if I was dealing with a full blown contraction. I no longer have this pain! I also no longer bloat! You should see how flat my stomach is all the time now. No more bloating for a week or 2. No more bloating anymore in general!! It's like I've been cured from PMS all together!!! The only thing that is still consistant is the amount of time I have to have my period and that's about 7 days sometimes 8! Which in my book compeltely sucks but to go through the motions without anymore of the typical symptoms is a blessing beyond!!

I have also noticed I've lost more weight again. I've lost about 9 pounds weighing 143 and height of 5ft 9 inches. My legs are so skinny and this is coming from an Italian/Irish woman who's had hips since I turned 13! I thought I'd never see the thin hips again ever! It's amazing to me how the animal and dairy products does hold onto the weight in the most annoying places that you try and try to make smaller, fitter, tighter, whatever! You know what I mean!!! I am so incredible thin, my stomach no longer had that pouchy thing, it's smaller and flatter! My thighs are so thin and getting fitter by the month I swear! I just feel great all together which makes me feel sexier for me and of course hubby Trevor!! He's thinner too and that makes me happy as well! I don't care how long you've been with someone. When you start dating you are typically fit and firm! It's been almost 19 yrs together and 16 yrs married. Things change people and not always for the better! So to see my hubby with his 6 pack again and no more belly fat that would go over his belt a bit is so awesome for me!!! I despise any fat and I expect him to take as much time to appreciate his physical fitness as well! In a nut shell, overall we are so much fitter and healthier and feel so much better since going Vegan and if you ladies cannot appreciate a flatter tummy, no bloating, no cramps, then I don't know what to say. All this from eating all veg, in large quantities, soy, almond milk, Earth Balance nondairy butter. Raw salads, so many new varieties of yumminess! No pill, no drink, no major workouts, just eating heatlhy and watching our bodies transform to a healthier form is definitely worth it!! Let me know your thoughts as to how you've been feeling and if you'd noticed these big changes as I have!

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