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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Whole Food Supermarket, not just for shopping!

My girlfriend Joan and I met after my new Brian Buffini course in Cary, NC. I am in a new course for Real Estate and it's very good! It's basically a course teaching you as a sales person, because that is what I am. I am a sales person selling homes, helping others buy, invest or rent. Ultimately I am selling myself as I am my business and the product is the homes. You are raised with  manors and told how to treat people as you wish to be treated. But as we get older that sometimes gets in the way with making a living and struggling these days to just survive. Sometimes the Golden Rule isn't always being practiced! That's the only way I can think of it. We had a realtor/buyers agent, I hired her out of the yellow pages when I was calling from Massachusetts to relocate to Raleigh, NC over 5 1/2 yrs ago. The Internet wasn't the best place to look at the time as it is now. I wanted to speak to someone directly and find reassurance with our big move! Well I found a Realtor from HPW in Raleigh, NC and she seemed so nice and helpful.  Someone I could call for anything I needed from the best supermarket to Dentist/Doctor. She was even pregnant while we were building our house. We bought her a gift for her son and I really thought we bonded as woman do. Once the ink was dry on our $500,000 new home; we never saw or heard from her again. I remember feeling very hurt and slighted as I had trusted her completely and thought of her as a new friend. Nope, big fat realtor conspiracy. So when I decided to become a realtor, I was not going to treat my clients as she treated me. That's where this Brian Buffini course comes into play. Just helps you set a great foundation into any stage of your career. For me it's great, it really allows me to understand the big fundamentals of building a Real Estate Career. Well after this course this Wednesday, Joan and I had a lunch date planned to go over the subdivision's we wanted to run a campaign with. Joan lives in Cary and it's a town that is 45 mins away from Raleigh. I am not familiar with the area and she suggested several places to eat lunch.

She suggested TGIF's (been there done that), Ginger's an Indian Cuisine and Wholefoods Supermarket. I've recently enjoyed that last 2 times I've shopped in Wholefoods for special ingredients for our new vegan menus. So I thought Wholefoods would be nice to try.  I love the set up of the supermarket. The whole place is catered to being as healthy and holistic as possible with all products and they support the local community, 3rd world countries and the planet with recyclable containers they provide for their hot bar, only paper bags for your shopping and they have a wonderful humongous rain barrel that is used to feed all of their planets throughout and outside as well. It's the best super market I've ever been in. What I didn't realize is they also serve fresh made food daily at their salad, hot and cold food bar. What was pleasing to see is in their hot, cold and salad bar was a ton of Vegan dishes! I had no idea. As I was filling up my re-recycled box that would hold my salad I was smiling thinking how nice it is that Vegan's are having more options even in Supermarkets! I got a gorgeous salad with a taste of Balsamic Tofu on the side and a gorgeous helping of squash! Hot and delicious!! I was thinking how it would be great for Trevor and I to have a lunch or dinner date here! Wholefoods also holds classes on cooking healthier and Vegan cooking as well. It's just a fun store and I would recommend if you haven't checked out your local Wholefoods store, you should do so and enjoy participating in a market that actually gives back!

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