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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mac N Cheese - Update

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Well we made the Mac N Cheese and it was a normal day in the Gardner house. Started off very well, then in the middle of filming we had Britain and Luke have a complete yelling match about something and then Skylar decided to play the Mommy role and start screaming at them to be quiet as we were filming so that got into the video as well. Needless to say I need to edit the video and add it to the blog.

Well we all did eat it. I thought it was good but had a kick. Skylar loved it and Britian tasted it and then immediately spit it out! Luke was very good and had 1 macaroni. He said he'd be a good boy and try it. I was pleased he'd at least try it. He ate it and his thoughts on the new Mac N Cheese were he hated it! So I think the issue with this recipe is it has garlic powder. Unfortunately the garlic powder is a bit too much. So I will not add this again to the next batch I make. I would also add more agave to sweeten it a bit. I'll post the recipe when I add the video. Unfortunately I had the "hallmark" moment of thinking the kids were going to love it and doubled the recipe and now we have a huge container in the fridge that nobody wants to eat! I think I might add more agave to the batch and reheat over the stove and see if that helps over power the taste of the garlic!

Wish me luck!! Your Vegan Mom in training!!

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